1. Frenchman Mountain

2. Trilobites at Frenchman Mountain

3. Trace fossils at Frenchman Mountain

4. Crinoidal limestone in Rainbow Garden, just east of Frenchman Mountain

5. Hot rocks in White Rock Canyon

6. Flash-flood polish of the walls of White Rock Canyon

7. Spooky Canyon is cut into ancient alluvial-fan deposits

8. Keystone Thrust and Frenchman Mountain: famous geologic locations

9. Geology Field Trip program (March 25-April 2, 2023)

10. Geologic map of the Lake Mead area

11. Fortification Hill

12. River Mountain geology posters

13. The Red-Black fault of the River Mountains

14. Nature Discovery Trail and Rock Garden in Boulder City

15. Rocks on the ancient land surface beneath the Keystone Thrust

16. Scenic 'underlook' shows deep weathering of granite

17. Black basaltic dikes cut white granite, and now both are weathered to breccia

18. The Bluff Trail

19. Owl Canyon Trail

20, 21, 22. Red Rock Canyon of Las Vegas